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09 February 2011 @ 08:30 pm
The story I'm sure you all needed to hear...

So after failing twice at getting Comic-Con because of their server issues, it was all systems a-go on Saturday night!

I was at my cousin's until about 1.30am (gambling, as I do) then stayed up until 4am for the ticket sales. TicketLeap's server was completely flooded as expected. I don't know how many times I clicked Refresh - but it was A LOT. My right hand was getting very cold! Anyway, I stayed up till about 5.30am clicking refresh, sometimes getting to the ticket selection page but no further. I gave up. I was like, c'mon, I need like 4 hours sleep so I can go eat like crazy at Yum Cha later that morning.

My alarm got me up at 7.30am (doh) and I tried my luck getting tickets from my iPhone. No go.
Up again at 10.30. And hallelujah, I got a ticket for Sunday! (4-day passes had sold out hours ago...) then I bounded out of bed excitedly and got on my computer and began refreshing like crazy again and it paid off :) I got a Thursday ticket too! I'm gonna be hanging out for a Friday or Saturday one to pop up, but I guess I can start booking the rest of the trip now that I know when I'll have to be in San Diego.

My word, this is exciting!
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