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03 March 2011 @ 08:40 pm
Day 14-25 + Cheat Day #3  
Yeah, I'm bad at blogging about #4hb... and bad about taking photos of everything. Gah. Anyway, I got my period on Day 14 (70.5kg - gained 0.5kg from Cheat Day #2), which was a bummer, because I knew it'd mess with my progress.

Started having a tablespoon of salsa with my breakfast. Mum's started making me beans/spinach white omelettes for breakfast and they're delish! Esp. with the salsa :) I've just been using like Black Swan brand, but I'll have a hunt for a sugar-free brand when I get a chance!

On the Tuesday I was at a network meeting for work. The food was amazing last year. But yeah, I obviously had to be picky...
I ate all the fillings out of these...

I lost Cheat Day #2 weight by Day 16, but overall, just before my next Cheat Day, I weighed in at 69.5kg (half a kilo less than CD).

And onto #3! (Day 20)
Breakfast: water, grapefruit juice, whey protein (fkn $65!), big piece of cheese melt garlic bread (probably a few jaffa balls too)

Lunch: Large Double Angry Angus meal from Hungry Jacks. I couldn't finish maybe 10 fries and 3 bites of burger. Weak.

Snack(s): oreos. BAKED INSIDE COOKIE DOUGH. Yeah, they look mutated but mmm, so much sugar!

Dinner: Argentinian sausage :) It was uh, like a hot dog with salad and chimichurri. YUM!

I'm kinda surprised I didn't/couldn't eat more... but yeah, gained another 0.5kg the next day. Lost it on Day 21 (Monday) and lost another kilo today!
So yeah I'm 0.5kg away from meeting my 30-Day goal :) *fingers x-ed* Realistically I'll reach it by the end of next week because of Cheat Day #4 coming up!

Anyways, I should probably start some form of exercise soon. I'm feeling the dreaded plateau coming on!

I wrote this last week:
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