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08 May 2011 @ 09:01 pm
So what's been going on. The usual I guess.

Work has been okay. I'm trying to get a bit of overtime for my trip.

Plans for my trip have been underway :) Most of my USA leg has been booked (LA > San Fran > Seattle > Vancouver > San Diego > New Orleans > Miami > Boston > New York). I'm waiting on my travel agent to help me sort out my route home from Europe (I was going to stop a week in Japan, but unfortunately I don't feel comfortable doing this anymore :( ) But I've pretty much decided what to do depending on when I have to leave Europe :) And I might be able to stop by another Asian country on the way home!

Dating is still fun, new and exciting. I'm not sure if I will get over this phase :/

The biggest thing going on for myself now, mainly in my own head, is trying to be a better person. As in, to be someone I would be proud of or whatever.

I've been on the Slow-Carb for 91 Days now and I've lost 9.8kg (from 73kg, gah - so close to 10! THIS WEEK. YES.) so I'm still chugging along slowly, yet surely :) so I'm still really happy with this method and I hope to achieve my goal (~55kg + 2kg+ lean muscle) in the next 6 months or so.
I am really excited that it is totally possible for me to get to my desirable body shape AND not feel completely shitty about food/eating either from feeling deprived or being over calculative about m diet.
I'm totally gonna do the fatpants photo.
My trip is going to be a challenge, but it'll be a good one for me!

I bought an analogue Diana camera and lenses this week, as well as a blue Pentax Kx. Just need to spend money. Just needed another/new creative outlet I guess. They're pretty nifty.
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