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Goodbye LJ

This LJ will soon be out of service.

I've decided to make use of my own domain I have, so you can now find my blog at litbydesign.com.

Other than reading gossip feeds etc. and perhaps playing with my layout, no more posts will be added.

Goodbye LJ :(

20.11.04 - 18.01.12
Jérémie Renier

So another year has gone by

Hello Strangers!

I've decided to do the Day Zero Project again. I got through 45/101 in my last list. Hoping to top it this 2.75 years! My list is here!

A reflection on 2011 though... probably the best year ever! Or maybe on par with 2007 (Liverpool exchange).
The main things that made it amazing?
3. Traveling to New Zealand, USA, Europe and Dubai in a whirlwind 2 month adventure
2. Losing about 12kg since February on the 4-Hour Body (slow carb diet), although I have put about 5kg back since October - I've been back on the diet since last week, hopefully another 10kg loss before July!
1. Meeting Anson. I just couldn't, and still can't, believe my luck about this one! He's just my perfect guy :)

And what about 2012?
Besides my 101 list, which I am excited to accomplish anyway (in particular the weight loss milestones and budgeting), I'm going to be looking forward to a holiday to Brisbane and Daydream Island with Anson in June and perhaps an amazing trip of a lifetime early 2013 - but I don't want to jinx it!!

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So what's been going on. The usual I guess.

Work has been okay. I'm trying to get a bit of overtime for my trip.

Plans for my trip have been underway :) Most of my USA leg has been booked (LA > San Fran > Seattle > Vancouver > San Diego > New Orleans > Miami > Boston > New York). I'm waiting on my travel agent to help me sort out my route home from Europe (I was going to stop a week in Japan, but unfortunately I don't feel comfortable doing this anymore :( ) But I've pretty much decided what to do depending on when I have to leave Europe :) And I might be able to stop by another Asian country on the way home!

Dating is still fun, new and exciting. I'm not sure if I will get over this phase :/

The biggest thing going on for myself now, mainly in my own head, is trying to be a better person. As in, to be someone I would be proud of or whatever.

I've been on the Slow-Carb for 91 Days now and I've lost 9.8kg (from 73kg, gah - so close to 10! THIS WEEK. YES.) so I'm still chugging along slowly, yet surely :) so I'm still really happy with this method and I hope to achieve my goal (~55kg + 2kg+ lean muscle) in the next 6 months or so.
I am really excited that it is totally possible for me to get to my desirable body shape AND not feel completely shitty about food/eating either from feeling deprived or being over calculative about m diet.
I'm totally gonna do the fatpants photo.
My trip is going to be a challenge, but it'll be a good one for me!

I bought an analogue Diana camera and lenses this week, as well as a blue Pentax Kx. Just need to spend money. Just needed another/new creative outlet I guess. They're pretty nifty.
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Changing lames

My interests have changed so much of late I think. For the better I think? I've lost some interesting in LJ. Although I do plan to make some new icons and change my layout image. My interest in fandom has waned a lot. I still watch my TV shows but I find I'm skipping episodes more and more lately, and don't really care...

I care more about my Real Life now I guess...
... work is blah. I'm really looking forward to a break. Even going to Sydney this weekend is going to be a relief! Considering doing the overseas work thing. But probably not for a few years.
... boys are lame
... lifestyle design is something I'm working on slowly. It's something I think about a lot now. It's not like I'm gonna change overnight, but it's interesting.
... Four-Hour Body. Full time hobby now I guess haha
I'm down to 65.8kg now and 38.3% BF!!! (got a new scale that measures weight, BF% and BMI now!) for a total loss of 8kg over 2 months. I'm really happy about this :) It isn't a dramatic loss. But I feel so much different. My psychology with my body image has change and the way I think about food has changed a little too. (Don't get me wrong, I still eat like a pig on cheat days).

So yeah.
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fat. for reals.

(Cheat days #5 and #6 were okay. Nothing too exciting to report...)

I went for my BODPOD analysis yesterday morning.

Wow, it was definitely an eye opener.

As of Saturday morning I thought my stats were:
Was: 73kg
Now: 65.5kg

But turns out my scales at home are out of whack. By 2 whole kilograms!
So I probably was 75kg and now I'm 67.120kg.

And that isn't the worst of it!
Of the 67.120kg of weight, 39.092kg is muscle/water/bone (i.e. fat free mass) and a whopping TWENTY EIGHT KILOS (28.028kg) is FAT. Which is 41.8% of my mass.


Dude, what a shock. I can't ignore these numbers now. I couldn't fathom how much I would've had on my body before my diet.
So yeah, I was super disappointed in myself. But the exercise scientist who tested me talked me through it.
I told him beforehand in an e-mail that I hadn't been doing any exercise as part of my Slow-Carb Diet and that my goal was to lose 10kg and work on fitness. He said that it was a realistic goal and -10kg would put me at a moderately healthy 30% body fat (I would love to be at 25%). He also said that by adding resistance training in the future it would help a lot in terms of gaining muscle weight too.
Although he also said that if I'm feeling healthy and still losing weight whilst only changing my nutrition, that's cool.

I was happy to see that I've lost about 8cm around my waist though *silver lining* and that I burn about 1122cal a day being sedentary.

I also got a pep talk from Andrew which was good. I like the 4HB community, Twitter and forums and blogs are great motivators and so's Andrew who gives it to me straight ("Don't read too much into it, women carry more weight than men anyway. And plus, breasts."). He's encouraged (forced) me to get myself a kettlebell now so I can start training, so I'll check them out this weekend. I hope I can get a pink one.
I also told him about how some of the people I've told about my diet are being judgey or whatever, and he's like, "Tell them you don't have a fucking eating disorder and just fuck off". Yup, ok :)

I'm going to go back for another analysis, perhaps just before I leave for OS (it isn't cheap).

So yeah, I comfort ate the rest of yesterday lol.
I'm happy that I feel better about my body (and that my jeans fit again after 4 years) and I feel like I'm feeding my body good foods (6 days a week) but I'm glad I found out my true weights so now I know I've still got a long way to go :)
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Day 14-25 + Cheat Day #3

Yeah, I'm bad at blogging about #4hb... and bad about taking photos of everything. Gah. Anyway, I got my period on Day 14 (70.5kg - gained 0.5kg from Cheat Day #2), which was a bummer, because I knew it'd mess with my progress.

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Anyways, I should probably start some form of exercise soon. I'm feeling the dreaded plateau coming on!

I wrote this last week:
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Day 13: CHEAT DAY #2

Wow. I am impressed at myself. This day was way better than #1! I had the biggest craving for pastries on Friday.
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So yah. Went up half a kilo on Day 14. Which should be lost by mid this week I should say. But then again, I'm on my period sooo. And Mr Ferriss just doesn't know what to say about that (because he obviously can't experiment that on himself lol) other than girls will carry more weight on them 10 days before/during her cycle. *shrugs* ok

Anyway, I'm back on food like this :) (Not the soup. That was rank.)
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The Four-Hour Body: Days 1-12

So yeah. I'm back on the diet bandwagon :) After some success, a friend recommended Timothy Ferriss' The Four-Hour Body to me and I read it (first section only, the other sections are about gaining strength, getting better at sex and becoming a "superhuman"). And I thought, why not? It's easy to follow, seems legit and y'know, it'd be nice to fit into my Ted Baker jeans again...

Basically, the diet claims that you can lose 20lbs in 30 days on the "Slow-Carb Diet". So that's about 9kg. I've been weighing myself everyday and also my waist/hip measurement too. I started at 73kg and my goal is 68kg (for now).

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A lot of people have already said how ridiculous the diet is, and all the health risks and stuff like that. But hey, Ferriss is still kicking.

The first two days were hard. I was getting a bit dizzy in the middle of the day. But I just upped my water intake and added spinach to my breakfast, it was good :)

My eating plan for the last week and a half kind of looked like this:
Breakfast: Scrambled egg whites, lentils, cauliflower/broccoli, chicken (first week)/Scrambled egg whites, black beans, spinach (this week)
Lunch: Tuna/ham riceless sushi rolls with lettuce/avocado
Dinner: Mixed vegies and protein (beef, chicken, fish)

I really should be eating legumes with every meal, to at least up my calorie intake, but dammit I hate the taste of beans. But yeah, it's been alright. I don't think I've been super strict (because I eat what my mum makes...) and I accidentally ate corn...

But I dropped to 72kg on Day 4 and then 71 on Day 5.

And hello CHEAT DAY!
My first cheat day was a little disappointing to be honest. I was reeeaaally craving sweets but I was satisfied as soon as I had a taste of some yoghurt for breakfast... didn't stop me from indulging all day though haha
Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, vegies, yoghurt, jaffa balls (yes...)
Lunch: Buffet thing for my cousin's 1st birthday! Consisted of fried rice, noodles, roast duck, soft drinks...
Dinner: Ravioli (couldn't finish it!), jaffa balls...

Aaaand, I remained at 71kg the day after. Which I thought was odd because most people have said they put on weight and then lost it by mid-week. I'm at 70.5kg at the moment. So what am I doing? I'm upping the ante cheat day tomorrow!:
I am planning to eat/have bought:
A protein shake
Grapefruit juice
A pizza roll
2 cream filled doughnuts
4 mini berry scrolls
Cheese melt garlic bread
Asian All-You-Can-Eat Dinner :)

I"m really looking forward to tomorrow :)

But yeah, we'll see how I go, eh.
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The story I'm sure you all needed to hear...

So after failing twice at getting Comic-Con because of their server issues, it was all systems a-go on Saturday night!

I was at my cousin's until about 1.30am (gambling, as I do) then stayed up until 4am for the ticket sales. TicketLeap's server was completely flooded as expected. I don't know how many times I clicked Refresh - but it was A LOT. My right hand was getting very cold! Anyway, I stayed up till about 5.30am clicking refresh, sometimes getting to the ticket selection page but no further. I gave up. I was like, c'mon, I need like 4 hours sleep so I can go eat like crazy at Yum Cha later that morning.

My alarm got me up at 7.30am (doh) and I tried my luck getting tickets from my iPhone. No go.
Up again at 10.30. And hallelujah, I got a ticket for Sunday! (4-day passes had sold out hours ago...) then I bounded out of bed excitedly and got on my computer and began refreshing like crazy again and it paid off :) I got a Thursday ticket too! I'm gonna be hanging out for a Friday or Saturday one to pop up, but I guess I can start booking the rest of the trip now that I know when I'll have to be in San Diego.

My word, this is exciting!