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07 January 2012 @ 01:58 pm
So another year has gone by  

Hello Strangers!

I've decided to do the Day Zero Project again. I got through 45/101 in my last list. Hoping to top it this 2.75 years! My list is here!

A reflection on 2011 though... probably the best year ever! Or maybe on par with 2007 (Liverpool exchange).
The main things that made it amazing?
3. Traveling to New Zealand, USA, Europe and Dubai in a whirlwind 2 month adventure
2. Losing about 12kg since February on the 4-Hour Body (slow carb diet), although I have put about 5kg back since October - I've been back on the diet since last week, hopefully another 10kg loss before July!
1. Meeting Anson. I just couldn't, and still can't, believe my luck about this one! He's just my perfect guy :)

And what about 2012?
Besides my 101 list, which I am excited to accomplish anyway (in particular the weight loss milestones and budgeting), I'm going to be looking forward to a holiday to Brisbane and Daydream Island with Anson in June and perhaps an amazing trip of a lifetime early 2013 - but I don't want to jinx it!!

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