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Jenny Au
18 August 1987
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Jen(n)(y) [It has never been Jennifer FYI]. Only child. Vietnamese parents. No pets [yet!]. Monash student. Procrastinator. Forever Melbournian. Travel enthusiast. Couch potato. Celebrity stalker. Solitary. Avid photoshopper. Avid shopper. Fanatic.

Feel free to e-mail me, friend me, add me, wall me, space me, comment me - I'm nice, honest.
Now: Desperate Housewives, Dexter, The Guild, House, How I Met Your Mother, The IT Crowd, Lost, Merlin, Monk, Psych, Rick & Steve, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Skins, Supernatural, Torchwood, True Blood, Trust Me
Then: Black Books, Coupling, Dark Angel, Ed, Family Ties, Firefly, Kitchen Confidential, Moonlight, New Amsterdam, Now & Again, Queer As Folk, Roswell, Six Feet Under, Spaced, Spin City, Will & Grace

Dexter/Rita; Jack/Sawyer; Jack/Kate; Dean/Sam; Michael/Ben; Michael/Brian; Max/Liz; Jack/Ianto; Merlin/Arthur; Sookie/Bill; Bill/Eric; Edward/Jasper
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a beautiful mind, a walk to remember, american psycho, atonement, august rush, australia, australian idol, back to the future, batman, being human, black books, bolt, boomkat, bootmen, bridget jones, brokeback mountain, bryan adams, carl riseley, chris pine, comme les autres, coupling, d.h.t., dangerous muse, dark angel, darren hayes, desperate housewives, dexter, dirty dancing, dylan moran, eating out, ed, equilibrium, ethan green, family ties, fandom, fanfiction, firefly, frankmusik, gael garcia bernal, gaspard ulliel, graphics, gray matters, guillaume canet, hairspray, helena paparizou, heroes, himym, house, hugh jackman, imogen heap, internet, iron man, james mcavoy, james morrison, jason behr, jason mraz, jay brannan, je t'aime, jim verraros, juste une question d'amour, jérémie renier, kings, kitchen confidential, latter days, lenka, les amants criminels, les chansons d'amour, lifehouse, lily allen, lost, memento, merlin, michael c. hall, michael j. fox, mika, minority report, monk, moonlight, moulin rouge, movies, music, music & lyrics, mysterious skin, neil patrick harris, new amsterdam, now & again, ola, paolo nutini, paris, patrick wolf, penelope, priscilla, psych, queer as folk, regina spektor, rick & steve, robert pattinson, ronan keating, roswell, rove, sam bradley, sam sparro, savage garden, shortbus, simon curtis, simon pegg, six feet under, skins, slash, slumdog millionaire, spaced, spin city, stephen moyer, stuart little, supernatural, teddy geiger, the click five, the concierge, the curiosity of chance, the dreamers, the guild, the hole, the it crowd, the machinist, the pierces, the prestige, the science of sleep, the script, the signal, the sum of us, thicke, three to tango, torchwood, tristan prettyman, true blood, trust me, tv, twilight, un amour à taire, were the world mine, westlife, will & grace, will young, yelle, zachary quinto, zooey deschanel

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